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1000ft Cat5e Plenum CMP 350MHZ Bulk Ethernet Cable

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $94.99.
Efficient Cables Top quality 1000ft cat5e plenum bulk Ethernet cable has 24AWG solid conductors. Cat5e plenum cable 1000ft mandated to be installed in building air

Cat5e Plenum Solid Copper UTP CMP 24AWG Ethernet Cable

Original price was: $219.99.Current price is: $144.99.
Efficient Cat5e Plenum UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Ethernet cable (Cat5 Enhanced) became the standard cable. 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge)

Cat5e Cables for Your Networking Needs

Cat5e cables are a type of Ethernet cable that can transmit data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. They are commonly used in networking applications, such as connecting computers to routers or switches. The "plenum" and "riser" designations refer to the type of insulation used in the cable, with plenum cables being suitable for use in air handling spaces and riser cables being suitable for vertical runs between floors. A 1000ft Cat5e cables is often used for larger installations.